Please join Aberdeen’s Centre for Global Security and Governance & the Center for Advanced Security, Strategy and Integration Studies at the University of Bonn for an Aberdeen & Bonn Global Conversation with Beatrice de Graaf (Utrecht) on the Psychology of Religion and Radicalization.

About the Workshop

In this workshop we will discuss with Beatrice de Graaf an article that she co-wrote with the psychologist Kees van den Bos (‘Religious Radicalization: Social Appraisals and Finding Redemption in Extreme Beliefs’). We will also be discussing with her her forthcoming book Radical Redemption: What Terrorists Believe, based on interviews with detained terrorists about what they really believe when claiming to have acted on behalf of a higher authority.

Beatrice de Graaf is Professor of History of International Relations & Global Governance at Utrecht University. Her books include Fighting Terror after Napoleon: How Europe Became Secure after 1815 (Cambridge University Press).

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1st July 2022
3 pm BST, 4 pm (CET), 10 am (EST)



Beatrice de Graaf,
Utrecht University

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