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Alexander Mikaberidze
Is het tijd voor een nieuw Congres van Wenen? Met Beatrice de Graaf
Introduction to International Relations – with Prof. Dr. Jaap de Wilde
Ozan Ozavci, “Dangerous Gifts: Imperialism, Security, and Civil Wars in the Levant, 1798-1864”
Cees Heere, “Empire Ascendant: The British World, Race, and the Rise of Japan, 1894-1914”
Olena Palko and Constantin Ardeleanu, “Making Ukraine: Negotiating, Contesting, and Drawing the Borderd in the Twentieth Century”
Alexander Mikaberidze on Napoleon
Alexander Mikaberidze on the global Napoleonic Wars
Armies and Enemies of Napoleon, with Zack White, Alexander Mikaberidze, Kenton White and Philip Ball
Mahmud II, and The Ottoman Reformation. With Virginia Aksan
1869, Special SHM with David Silbey, Jay Lockenour, and Edward Westermann
The Most Irritating Myth of the Napoleonic Era with Zack White, Ed Coss, Peter Molloy, Marcus Cribb, Beatrice de Graaf, Josh Provan, Jacqueline Reiter, Jimmy Chen and Rachael Stark

Terrorism and Political Violence Podcast

The latest podcasts from TPV, a podcast series produced by the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence (TPV) in collaboration with Utrecht University. To hear all podcasts and learn more, visit their SoundCloud site.

The Lausanne Project Podcast

The latest podcasts from TLP, exploring the legacy of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne for today’s world. To hear all podcasts and learn more, visit their Apple Podcasts site.

PODCAST – Episode 18: If those walls could talk… The Lausanne Project

with Laura Popoviciu and Andrew Parratt
  1. PODCAST – Episode 18: If those walls could talk…
  2. PODCAST – Episode 17: Arab Exclusion at Lausanne