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  • Intrigue at the Dutch Palace
    Ozan Ozavci discusses what happens to the everyday lives of diplomats in a foreign capital when their respective governments turn from friends to foes.

An Unexpected Threat

Filiz Yazicioglu, PhD candidate in History at Marmara University, discusses how the prevalent Greek culture in Ioannina proved to be a threat to Ottoman imperial security in the 19th century.

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Sailors versus steamers

Joep Schenk explores how the introduction of steam-powered boats brought fear of unemployment to local sailors and the role of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine

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The Price of Security

Beatrice de Graaf on the dilemma of paying for peace. With Versailles (1919) as a costly peace treaty and Aachen (1818) as a security-finance trade-off that actually worked

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