On the occasion of the temporary exhibition For Civilisation. The First World War in the Middle East, IFFM together with the Turkey Studies Network in the Low Countries (TSN) and Power in History: Centre for Political History (University of Antwerp) is organising the international conference

The First World War in the Middle East
Aftermath and Legacies

The precarious geopolitical balance in the contemporary Middle East cannot be understood without considering the circumstances of Ottoman collapse during and immediately after the First W orld War. The dramatic implosion of this age old imperium that, during the long nineteenth century, had uneasily struggled to ward off foreign imperial intrusion and lessen its dependence on European capital, was accompanied by
unprecedented levels of (gen ocidal) violence, both on and off the battlefields. The colonial reordering of the region by the victorious Allied Powers in the aftermath of the war proved equally momentous. It spawned multiple local resistance movements, some of which were brutally defeated, while others morphed into new nation states. It created the conditions for future conflict, some continuing to smoulder to this day.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by Elizabeth F. Thompson (American University, Washington D.C.) and Nazan Maksudyan (Freie Universität Berlin). The programme includes contributions from interested researchers.


In Flanders Fields Museum


15-17 September 2022


Flanders Fields Museum
Ypres (BE)

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