Prof. dr. Beatrice de Graaf

Distinguished Professor, History of International Relations, Utrecht University

The Committee of the Duke of Arenberg Prizes has decided to award Beatrice de Graaf the Arenberg Prize for European History for her study Fighting Terror after Napoleon. How Europe Became Secure after 1815, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press), 2020. The Arenberg Prize for European History amounts to 4,000 euros and awards a study that contributes to a better and innovative knowledge of European history. Works dealing with the old Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (Rhineland and Westphalia in particular) and northern France, and this in comparative perspective, are recommended. The prize is also open to studies that, using historical methods, stimulate the debate on the past, present and future of Europe.

Cambridge University Press is delighted that Fighting Terror after Napoleon has received such a prestigious award and well-deserved recognition for its significant contribution to the history of European integration and European security.”

Michael Watson, Editor at Cambridge University Press

The Duke of Arenberg Prizes are organized by the Arenberg Foundation. This foundation aims to stimulate interest in European history in order to contribute to a United States of Europe, a federal state on an equal footing with the great powers of today and tomorrow.

The ceremony will take place on Wednesday 9 November at the Palais des Académies in Brussels. De Graaf has been invited to present the main ideas of her book during this event in a lecture.

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