Last week, the Security History Network launched its new podcast with core team member Dr. Ozan Ozavci and Professor Virginia H. Aksan.

After months of preparation from SHN’s fantastic intern Annegreet Silvius, who produced everything from the logo to the theme tune, the first SHN podcast episode was ready to be recorded. Who better than to kick off this new podcast with Dr. Ozan Ozavci, Assistant Professor of Transimperial History at Utrecht University, and Virginia H. Aksan, Professor Emeritus at McMaster University?

They discussed a range of topics from Aksan’s path into this field, the Ottoman experience within the political and diplomatic situation in Europe from the early 1790’s to the mid 1810’s and advice to the next generation of scholars. This episode is a resource to anyone keen to learn more about the Napoleonic Wars, the Ottoman position and international correspondence during this time.

Dr. Ozan Ozavci
Assistant Professor of Transimperial History at Utrecht University
Virginia H. Aksan
Professor Emeritus at McMaster University

About the podcast

The series exists of conversations between experts in the field of Security History from the nineteenth century and beyond. Security analysts, historians and social scientists from around the world are interviewed by the core members of the network with the aim of exploring connections across disciplines from area studies to social psychology, and from medicine to digital humanities.

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