The Noel Collection has published the videos from the conference: “Towards a Brave New World” Rebuilding Europe After Napoleon 1815-1853.

Thursday Introductory Remarks

Beatrice de Graaf kicked off Thursday’s opening session of this conference with some introductory remarks, before giving the floor to the Security History Network who launched their platform that evening. Finally, Glenda Sluga gave the first of three keynote speeches over this weekend.

Friday Panel 1

The first Panel was chaired by Alexander Mikaberidze and involved work such as Le Congrès Danse Beaucoup (Daniel R. Quiroga Villamarin), Hegel and the Constitutional Question in Post-Napoleonic Europe (Elias Buchetmann) and Revolutionary Conservatives after 1815 (Matthijs Lok).

Friday Panel 2

Panel two was chaired by Glenda Sluga. It involved talks on Imperial security in the central Mediterranean. Britain, the Two Sicilies, and the Congress System after 1815 (Giuseppe Grieco), Guarding Ireland, Guarding Empire (Ciarán McDonnell) and European States and the Case of Neutral Mresnet (Steven Press).

Friday Keynote Speech

Friday’s keynote speech was given to us by Elise K. Wirtschafter.

Saturday Panel 3

For the final day of this conference, Erik de Lange chaired the third panel. In this panel, they discussed the works of Policing political subversion in central Europe after 1815: the case of Philhellenism (Christos Aliprantis) and Doubtful Wars: How a Band of Foreign Troublemakers Joined Spanish Civil Wars and Sparked a Crises over the Law of Nations (1816-1821) (Ignacio Rodríguez Álvarez).

Saturday Panel 4

Panel four was chaired by Beatrice de Graaf. During this panel, the following work was presented: The foreigner and the drifter: The Gendarmerie and the attempt to limit movement in 19th century Germany (Zef Segal), Channelled antagonism or fruitful cooperation? The Military Commission of the German Confederation and the negotiation about the Rastatt fortress in the 1840s (Frank Rochow) Post-Napoleonic Security in British North America (Christopher Radojewski) and From Cosmopolitan Connectivity to Official Nationalism: The Use of Parallax in Conservative State Building in Russia (1815-1855) (Lien Verpoest)

Saturday Panel 5 and Keynote Speech

Our final Panel of this conference waschaired by Ozan Ozavci, who led the presentations of: The European Project of Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orléans (Silvio Berardi), Purchasing liberty with trans-imperial rivalry? (Joep Schenk) and An Army of Many: The 1830 Invasion of Algiers as a Multinational Endeavour (Erik de Lange).

The last keynote address was presented to us by Evangelos (Aggelis) Zarokostas, marking an extremely interesting end to an extremely interesting conference!

You can also find out live-tweets below!

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